NM4-I NextMeter Indoor FAQ

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Last updated: September 2023


What is the NM4-I meter?

The NM4-I is an indoor ultrasonic meter with NextCentury Connect™ Wireless technology. It combines cutting-edge ultrasonic technology with AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) capabilities. 

Key benefits

  • Designed for indoor submetering.
  • Accuracy that doesn't degrade over time.
  • Open flow-tube design reducing head loss.
  • Simplified installation with an all-in-one meter and transceiver.
  • Compatible with the NextCentury wireless platform for real-time data and alerting.
  • Fully electronic with no moving parts that wear out.
What Certifications and Approvals does the NM4-I have?

The Next Meter has the following:

  • FCC ID: 2A8EC-NM4I | IC: 28950-NM4I
  • NSF/ANSI 61
  • NTEP/CTEP Approval 23-055
  • Conforms to AWWA C715-18 & UL 2043
How do I install my NM4-I?

Here are some tips for installing the NM4-I

  • Indoor installation only
  • Up to 90% non-condensing humidity
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • Register facing in any position best for reading
  • 7.5” pipe straight before the meter

For a Full Installation process follow the guide here: NM4-I NextMeter Indoor Installation

What Output options does my NM4-I have?

The NM4-I offers two versatile output options. It utilizes built-in NextCentury Connect™ wireless technology for seamless communication with our cloud-based data management software, ensuring real-time data transmission. Additionally, there's a wired pulse output available for users who prefer or require a wired connection. These options provide flexibility to suit your specific monitoring needs.

What is the Battery Life of the NM4-I?

The battery used, a field-replaceable CR18505 lithium battery, has a typical longevity of 10 years

For information on purchasing replacement batteries for the NM4-I meter, please contact your product supplier or get in touch with our dedicated Support Team:

What is the maximum pressure the NM4-I meter can withstand?

The NM4-I is engineered to perform beyond standard requirements and can endure pressures far above standard water supply specifications. It has been tested to endure over 100,000 pressure cycles.

Is the NM4-I meter NSF-tested for safety and quality?

Yes, the NM4-I meter undergoes NSF testing to ensure its quality and safety in compliance with NSF standards.