NextCentury Documentation and Resources

Last Updated: August 2021

Hardware Documentation
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GW201 LCD Gateway Specifications and Installation Manual
M201C Cold Water Meter Specifications
M201CH Hot Water Meter Specifications 
CS201 Coupling Set and ST201 Spacer Tube Specifications 
Product Comparison
Meter Compatibility Sheet 
DGS Overview and Specifications 
TR201 Transceiver Meter Signal Requirements 
RE201 Repeater Installation Guide (French)
GW201 Gateway Installation Guide (French)
GW301 Cellular Gateway Specifications and Installation Manual
RE4 Repeater Installation Guide
RR301-TR Remote Reader Installation Guide
RR301-TR Remote Reader Quick Start Guide
RR301 Remote Reader Installation Guide
RR301 Remote Reader Quick Start Guide
TR4 Transceiver Installation Guide
TR4 Transceiver Quick Start Guide
RR4-TR Remote Reader Installation Guide
RR4-TR Remote Reader Quick Start Guide
RR4 Remote Reader Installation Guide
RR4 Remote Reader Quick Start Guide
TR201 Transceiver Specifications and Installation Manual
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Temporary Access Form
Property Transfer Form
Warranty Documentation
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DGS Warranty
Water Meter Warranty
Installation Resources
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Property Setup Guide
In-Field Installation Guide
Programming and Install Checklist
Firewall Troubleshooting Guide
Water Meter Installation Instructions
NEMA Enclosures Information
3rd Party Install Checklist
Integrated Electric Meters
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Byram Labs SM23
GridGear Electric Meter
EZ Meter
OhioSemitronics Meter
Certifications Documentation
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FCC Repeater Certification
IC RE201
IC TR201
NTEP Certification for M201C and M201CH
NTEP Certification for RR301 and RR301-TR
Declaration For Safe Use in Canada
NSF-61 and ANSI-372 Certification
MA Accepted Plumbing Products
Component Documentation
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ORD-211 Reed Switch Specifications
Grivory GV5 FWA Technical Specifications
Yellow Card Grivory GV
Surface Burning Characteristics M201
Plastics in Electronic Applications
Legacy Documentation
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GW201 In-Field Installation Guide
GW201 Installation Guide
GW201 DGS Overview
GW201 Firewall Troubleshooting Guide
RE201 Repeater Specifications and Installation Manual
GW201 3rd Party Installation Guide
Terms and Conditions
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Terms and Conditions