Properties Using 3rd Party Equipment FAQ

Roles: Admin, Technician, and Billing Manager
Last Updated: January 2020
This article covers FAQs for properties using 3rd Party transmitters, repeaters, and receivers.

Which 3rd Party AMR systems and equipment is the NextCentury system compatible with?

The NextCentury Gateway can be connected to an Inovonics FA and/or Echostream receiver, thereby replacing the DCC or RDL data collector. Data will then be available in the NextCentury Cloud, and equipment can be monitored and maintained using the Web Portal and NCSS Mobile App.

The Gateway's connection to the receiver is the point of integration into the existing equipment's RF network. Inovonics transmitters must continue to use Inovonics repeaters to relay their usage data.

Upgrade Path: The ability to use a NextCentury Gateway as a replacement for an existing Inovonics data collector provides an upgrade path, facilitating a gradual replacement of all 3rd Party transmitters and repeaters. As 3rd Party equipment fails, it is replaced with NextCentury Transceivers and Repeaters. It is recommended that NextCentury Repeaters are installed on the property during the initial upgrade process.

Can a "Lite" Cellular Gateway model be used on 3rd Party properties?

Yes, but the same 50 meter/transmitter maximum applies.

Which NextCentury system features are not available with 3rd Party equipment?

Some platform features depend on the more advanced hardware of native NextCentury devices and are not available with 3rd Party equipment.

  • Leak Alerts are not available if the meter is using a 3rd Party transmitter. (However, High Consumption alerts do work and may be configured to catch large leaks.)
  • 3rd Party transmitters do not report temperature.
  • Battery voltage percentages are not reported by 3rd Party transmitters. (However, a low-battery flag is recorded and can trigger alerts or display in reports.)
  • Network maps are not available for FA-series equipment
Once a 3rd Party transmitter stops working, can it be replaced with another 3rd party transmitter instead of a NextCentury Transceiver?

No. The NextCentury upgrade is designed to improve your 3rd Party meter reading system with a much better, long-term solution. As your 3rd Party equipment stops working, it must be replaced with NextCentury equipment. 
If the 3rd Party transmitter simply has a dead battery but otherwise works, that device can continue to be used. However, you may choose to replace it with a NextCentury device anyway.