Transferring a Property from One Company to Another

Roles: Admin and Billing Manager
Last updated: June 2022

Ownership and access of the NextCentury equipment data begin with the company under which the property listing is first created. If equipment and data ownership need to be transferred to a new company, a Property Transfer form can be submitted.

For temporary or secondary access rights, a Temporary Access form can be submitted instead. This allows for individual users to have secondary access in addition to the original organization. If all users for an organization require access, Group Access can be requested on the form instead of entering user emails one by one.

Forms can be submitted to Support via email at . A Support agent will review the request and complete the transfer.



Temporary Access Form

Property Transfer Form


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The NextCentury platform allows organizations flexibility when transferring properties. Transfer processes may vary between different organizations and billing companies. For this reason, it is recommended to coordinate transfers directly with organizations that have ownership of NextCentury properties when possible. Below is an example of how such a transfer could be coordinated: