Granting Property Access to Another Company or Receiving Access to Another Company's Property

Roles: Admin
Last updated: January 2020

In order to streamline user access, Group Access can be granted to a company rather than to user accounts.

For example, an installation company can be granted access rather than adding individual users that work at the installation company.

Company permissions differ from standard user permissions as they allow access to a group of users. This feature can streamline access needs and reduce the email or phone requests that might otherwise be needed if additional employees need access to a particular property.

When You May Want to Give Access to Another Company

The following scenarios demonstrate the use of company permissions:

  • Your distributor provides pre-programming services and needs to be able to create and program properties under your company
  • A technician and installation company is installing equipment and/or needs continued access under their warranty provisions
  • A billing company needs access to reads before a different installation company has completed its contracted work

Who will have Access to My Property if I Grant a Company Access?

Access permissions will be automatically allocated to employees of the company at the user-role level that you select when granting access.

The individual users are managed by the company which you add. As with all properties, any changes to the property information or programming is logged and is visible to admin users.

I have Received a Company Access Code, What do I do with It?

If a company has given you their access code, you can now add it to the property to which you would like them to have access.

  1. Navigate to the property listing
  2. On the Property's menu, select the "Users" page
  1. At the top right, select the Groups button
  1. Enter the code you received from the company
  2. Designate the user-role level the company needs


Where do I Find My Company Access Code in order to Give It to Another Company?

In order for your company to be granted group access to a property, you will need to send your company code to an admin-user at the company which has the property.

Where Your Company Code is Located:

  1. Navigate to the Users page under the Home menu
  2. At the top right, select the "Groups" tab
  3. Select the "Show Key" button
  4. Copy the code and send it to the company which needs to give you access

Note: Your company's code is a unique string of characters that is private, however, it is not a security key. It is only used to give your company access. It does not allow other companies to have access to your properties.