How to Create a New Property Listing

Roles: Technicians
Last updated: January 2020

Before equipment can be programmed, a property listing must be created. This property listing includes the property name, address, and contact information.

A new property can be created using the Web Portal or Mobile app. Meter defaults, building layout, and equipment programming can then be entered.

How to Get Started and Create a New Property Listing

  1. Navigate to the Properties page under the Home menu
  2. Select the "+ Add Property" drop-down
  3. Select the "Add Property" option

An "Upload Property File" option is also available for 3rd Party .SDF and .BAK files.

Don't see the "+Add Property" option? The ability to create new properties requires an Admin or Technician user role.

What Information about the Property can be Saved and is Required

  • Name: The Property name is required, but can be changed later if needed.
  • Address: At least a partial address is required in order to determine a time zone for reporting.
  • Billing Company: If you have access to multiple Billing Companies, select the company currently on contract with the property.
  • Management Company: Select or create a new Property Management Company.
  • Custom ID:  This is optional, but can be used for inputting an ID that identifies the property internally or for outside software.
  • Contact Info:  This is optional, but is typically used to list a property contact in order to schedule property access.