Enabling Property Alerts and Notifications at the Company Level

Roles: Admin
Last updated: January 2020

When adjustments need to be made to alerts across your entire company portfolio, the Home-Menu Alerts tool can be used. An adjustment to your alert setting can be made and applied to many or all properties at the same time.


Alerts can be enabled and configured at two levels:

Generally speaking, you will use Property level alert settings for any property or group of properties that need to have unique alert settings and alert notification contacts.

Company-level alert settings can be used for bulk changes.

Viewing Alerts Across All Properties

A graph showing the number of alerts across all properties can be viewed by selecting an alert type tile.

Company Alerts Tile

  1. Navigate to the Alerts page
  2. Click on an Alert
  3. A summary graph, as well as recent Alerts, will appear

Viewing List of All Properties with Alerts

Selecting the View Open button will redirect you to the Properties page with a pre-set filter to only show properties with open alerts of that type.

Enable, Disable, or Change Alert Parameters for All Properties

  1. Navigate to the Alerts page
  2. Select the Alert which you would like to configure
  3. Select the Settings button
  4. The Alert's Default Settings will now appear
  5. Enable or configure the alert as desired

Note: If you were to now save and close the Alert settings, the alert's default settings would apply to new properties that are created from this point forward. There is still one more step to apply configurations to your current properties.

Apply New Configuration to Multiple Properties:

Global Alerts

  • Select Apply To All Properties to view a list of properties for which this setting will represent a change from their current settings.

Apply to All

  • A list of all properties which do not already have this configuration will now appear
  • The property is listed on the left. To the right, the change which will occur is shown. In the example above, this alert is going from Enabled to Disabled.
  • Unselect any properties which you do not want to adopt this configuration change
  • Commit these changes by selecting Apply To Properties

Adding Email Notification Alert Contacts in the "Send To" Settings

Company level Alert Send To settings allows for a contact to be added for email notifications for only the alert type you are viewing or to all alerts.

Company-level Contacts

Company Alert Type Contacts

Adding a contact in this section will subscribe the email address to new alerts of this specific alert-type (such as leak, tamper, temperature, etc.). The alert type must be enabled on every property from which you would like to receive this alert.

Company Contacts (All Alerts)

Adding a contact in this section will subscribe the email address to new alerts of all alert types. The alert types must be enabled on every property from which you would like to receive this alert.

How quickly or frequently will an alert contact be emailed?

Email Frequency: In order to prevent a high frequency of alert notification emails, alerts are bundled into a maximum of 1 email per day. Any new alerts that occur within the 24 hours leading up to the email being sent out will be included in that day's email. More detailed information can be found in the Alert Types article.