TR201 Transceiver Overview and Documents

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Last Updated: January 2020


There is a newer version of this product: TR4 Transceiver Overview & Documents


The TR201 Transceiver collects usage data from a single meter's pulse output. It is compatible with most pulse output water, electric, gas, run-time, and BTU meters.


Wireless Specifications:

  • 15,000-ft line-of-sight communication range
  • +20 dBm signal output
  • 902-928 MHz unlicensed band
  • Antenna diversity technologies
  • Two-way communication


  • Adjustable check-in interval (15 minutes to 24 hours)
  • 5-7-year battery life (normal temperature range and default six-hour interval)
  • Instant feedback during setup installation

Pulse Input Compatibility:

  • Single-pulse input
  • Reads virtually all pulse output utility meters


  • Proprietary multi-routing protocol
  • Fully encrypted communications

Specification and Help Documents

Document Title


TR201 Transceiver Specifications and Installation Manual

Meter Compatibility Sheet


DGS Warranty

Transceiver Installation Guide (French)

Plastics in Electronic Applications 

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