RE201 Overview and Documents

Roles: Admin, Technician
Last updated: October 2023


The RE201 Repeater serves as an RF relay from Transceiver endpoints to the property Gateway. A property's need for Repeaters is determined by distance, interference, and physical obstruction between Transceiver endpoints and the Gateway. Signals can travel between multiple Repeaters to reach the property's Gateway.

Can a Repeater be powered by a battery in a solar powered system? 

Yes, if the solar powered battery system is able to stay powered at all times and effectively supply the needed power requirements. Please contact the Support team ( for help calculating the electricity demand for a specific Repeater.

If powered by a Solar powered battery system the Repeater will need a compatible power supply that meets the following requirements:

  • 6V-20V DC input power (12V Typical)
  • Spike power usage of 450mA
  • Continuous Power Rating of 2 Watts @ 12 Volts
Why does the GFCI that a repeater is plugged into keep tripping?

Some GFCI models are not well-shielded are are susceptible to nuisance tripping caused by two-way radios or other radio-emitting devices.

The radio frequency from a NextCentury Repeater or Gateway can also cause a trip when it is in close proximity to a GFCI receptacle. Installing Repeaters at least 3 feet away from a GFCI should prevent any nuisance tripping.