RE201 Repeater Overview and Documents

Roles: Admin, Technician
Last Updated: January 2020

The RE201 Repeater serves as an RF relay from Transceiver endpoints to the property Gateway. A property's need for Repeaters is determined by distance, interference, and physical obstruction between Transceiver endpoints and the Gateway. Signals can travel between multiple Repeaters to reach the property's Gateway.


Wireless Specifications:

  • 5+ mile line-of-site range
  • +30dBm signal strength
  • Dual antennas
  • Redundant network paths


  • Plug and Play
  • Built-in network tester
  • Power backup
  • Typical power usage is less than 4¢ monthly electricity cost

Specification and Help Documents

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RE201 Repeater Specification & Installation Manual                              

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