Data Usage and Billing Information

Roles: Admin, Technician, and Billing Manager
Last Updated: January 2020
This article includes information regarding billing and data usage.

Does NextCentury host the meter reading data on their own servers? Can it be hosted elsewhere?

We use Amazon Web Services to host all of our Client's information. This service provides us with the highest level of security, reliability, and scalability. This is the same service used by companies such as Netflix, Dow Jones, Comcast, and Expedia.

The NextCentury Cloud platform manages communication with the property Gateway. It is not possible to connect your own server to the Gateway, however, we do offer a robust RESTful API interface for your custom software processes.

Do meter reads and usage information get removed after a certain amount of time?
A rolling 6 months of meter read and usage reporting data is available. This 6 months of data is associated with the ownership of the NextCentury equipment installed at the property.

Usage data can be exported and stored on your own server or software system.

What payment options are available for paying my Cellular and/or Data Hosting subscription?
Credit Card and direct bank transfers (ACH) can be set up in the Web Portal.