3rd Party Equipment Upgrade Overview (Inovonics)

Roles: Admin, Billing Manager, and Technicians
Last updated: January 2023

At NextCentury, we understand the importance of having reliable and advanced submetering equipment at your property. That's why we are proud to offer a seamless upgrade path to our NextCentury platform for properties with existing Inovonics equipment.

If your property currently has Inovonics submetering equipment, you can upgrade to the NextCentury Platform to take advantage of its advanced features. As your old equipment fails or no longer meets your needs, it will be gradually replaced with modern products from NextCentury. 

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3rd Party Gateway Installation Guide

3rd Party Repeater Guide

3rd Party Cable Quick Start Guide


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Upgrade Steps

The NextCentury Gateway connects to your existing Inovonics receiver(s) using a 3rd Party Cable and collects the wireless meter reads from your existing Inovonics equipment.

  1. Connect a Gateway to your existing Inovonics receiver using the 3rd Party Cable 
  2. Complete your property programming on the NextCentury website using the upgrade upload tool.
  3. NextCentury Repeaters and Transceivers must be installed to continue the upgrade path as your existing Inovonics repeaters and transmitters fail.

Equipment Requirements

  1. A working Inovonics FA and/or EchoStream receiver 
  2. A NextCentury Gateway
  3. NextCentury 3rd-Party Cable
  4. A backup file for property programming

Please note that Inovonics repeaters will still be used for your Inovonics transmitters. When you install NextCentury Transceivers, they will be relayed through NextCentury Repeaters. To ensure smooth operation, we recommend installing NextCentury Repeaters throughout your property before installing NextCentury Transceivers. This way, when old transmitters fail, they can be easily replaced with NextCentury Transceivers.

NextCentury Transceivers must be installed as your existing Inovonics repeaters and transmitters fail. For more information see, Properties Using 3rd Party Equipment FAQ

Programming Requirements

Programming involves associating transmitter serial numbers to specific meters and units, as well as setting up the building layout and repeater serial numbers and locations.

Programming a 3rd party property in the NextCentury system can be completed using an .sdf or .bak file from your old data collector. 

Inovonics Equipment Compatibility Details

The NextCentury system can read all Inovonics submetering equipment using your existing FA403, EN4000, or EN6500 receiver.

Compatible Frequency Agile (FA series) transmitters and integrated meters:

  • FA5201
  • FA5202
  • FA5230 (AMCO InsideR water meter)
  • FA5200M
  • FA5200H

Compatible EchoStream transmitters:

  • EN1501
  • EN1501EXT (Meter integrated)
  • EN1550 (MetraMeter integrated water meter)