Hardware Requirements and Overview of 3rd-Party Upgrades (from Inovonics)

Roles: Admin, Billing Manager, and Technicians
Last updated: March 2021

Properties that have previously installed Inovonics equipment can begin an upgrade path in order to benefit from the many additional features of the NextCentury system. The NextCentury Gateway is connected to the existing receiver using the 3rd Party Cable (3PC). 

Programming the property on the NextCentury website then links the transmitters to the buildings and units to which they belong. NextCentury Repeaters and Transceivers are then installed as needed to continue the upgrade path as existing repeaters and transmitters fail.


3rd Party Installation Guide

3rd Party Cable Quick Start Guide




 Hardware Installation Requirements

The following equipment is the minimum requirement:

  1. A working Inovonics receiver
  2. NextCentury GW301
  3. NextCentury 3rd-Party Cable

Please note, NextCentury repeaters are not compatible with Inovonics transmitters. To begin the upgrade path for all transmitters on the property, it is recommended that the NextCentury Repeater network be built out at this time. This will ensure that, as old transmitters fail, they can quickly be replaced with NextCentury Transceivers.

Programming and Data Requirements

Programming consists of the association of transmitter serial numbers to the meters and units where they are installed, building layout, and repeater serial numbers and locations. Programming a 3rd party property in the NextCentury system is most easily and completely accomplished by using an .SDF or .BAK file from the RDL or DCC.

If an .SDF or .BAK file cannot be obtained, a property read report can be configured and used for programming.

Once programming has been completed in the NextCentury Web Portal, it will automatically sync to the Gateway and reads will begin to be recorded.

Inovonics Equipment Compatibility

The NextCentury system can read all Inovonics submetering equipment via the existing FA403, EN4000, or EN6500 receiver.

Frequency Agile (FA series) transmitters and integrated meters:

  • FA5201
  • FA5202
  • FA5230 (AMCO InsideR water meter)
  • FA5200M
  • FA5200H

EchoStream transmitters:

  • EN1501
  • EN1501EXT (Meter integrated)
  • EN1550 (MetraMeter integrated water meter)