TR201 Transceiver Meter Compatibility Requirements

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Last Updated: January 2020

The NextCentury TR201 Transceiver is part of NextCentury’s Data Gathering Solution. It is compatible with virtually all pulse output submeters (gas, water, electric and so forth). The Transceiver collects pulse signals from submeters and wirelessly transmits them to the NextCentury Gateway.

The TR201Transceiver is compatible with all passive (switch) pulse meter outputs.

This includes:

  • Reed switch output.

  • Mechanical Relays

The TR201 Transceiver is also compatible with many active (voltage) pulse meters:

  • Solid State Relays (Dual MOSFET)

  • Open Drain (FET)

  • Voltage pump/charge Signals

When connecting a passive (switch) meter, there is no polarity and wires can be connected in either direction. When connecting active type meters, the positive signal should be connected to the + (positive) terminal and negative signal should be connected to the - (negative) terminal.

The NextCentury TR201 Transceiver’s input PIN is a typical I/O input with the following circuitry:


The above circuitry, as well as the firmware installed on the Transceiver, allows it to recognize up to eight pulses per second from any of the above types of submeter pulse signals.