EN201 Pulse Converter FAQ

Roles: Admin, Technician
Last Updated: January 2020

How often does the Pulse Converter poll the connected encoder meter?

The Pulse Converter polls the encoder meter every 15 minutes or when the red button is pressed.

When should the Pulse Converter be factory reset?

The Pulse Converter does not require a factory reset. The device is automatically able to detect if it has been connected to a new meter or has had a new battery installed. If it is still desired to factory reset the device, simply press and hold the 'Test Button' for 10 seconds. 

Does the Pulse Converter come in Travel mode like the TR201 Transceiver? 

The Pulse Converter does not come in travel mode. It is on and functioning by default.

What is the data resolution or precision of reporting for Neptune encoded meters connected to a Pulse Converter?

Neptune ProRead registers include six moving dials as well as additional static '0' digits (printed/painted next to last dial). On 1" or smaller meters this is one additional digit, and on 1.5"-2" meters there are two additional static '0s'.

Additionally, the polled read for the ProRead register will only increment when the last moving dial digit increments to a '0' or '5' digit. 

As an example, if the dials display total read of 100005 for a gallon meter, this would be read as 1000050 gallons for meters 1" and smaller and would be read as 10000500 gallons for 1.5"-2" meter sizes. The polled read would not increment until the last moving dial changes to '0' when the read changes to 100,010 gallons for a 1" or smaller meter or 1,000,100 gallons for 1.5"-2" meters.

Is the Pulse Converter compatible with any Neptune or Sensus meter?

Please see the EN201 Pulse Converter Meter Compatibility article for the full list of tested and compatible meters.