CS201 Coupling Set & ST201 Spacer Tube FAQ

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Last Updated: January 2020

Is the CS201 Coupling required for use with the M201 water meter?

No, it is not required. However, not all 3rd party coupling products are compatible with the M201 meter.

Is a ST201 Spacer Tube required for my property installation?

Use of a spacer tube is strongly recommended for all new plumbing installations. Debris that often gets in the water supply lines during installation can easily become lodged in a water meter's flow chamber, preventing it from incrementing.

Using a spacer tube allows the lines to first be flushed to ensure the water meter works correctly once it has been installed.

Can I use the ST201 Spacer Tube even if I am not going to use the NextCentury water meter?

Yes, the ST201 Spacer Tube works as a temporary spacing tube for standard 7.5" long meters.