Direct Connect Using the NCSS Mobile App

Roles: Technician
Last Updated: January 2020

When the internet connection being provided to the GW301 Gateway requires set parameters such as joining a WiFi network or Ethernet parameters such as a static IP, then a direct connection can be established with the Gateway using an Android or iOS device and the NCSS mobile app.


A) The NCSS mobile app is available for Android or iOS devices.
B) Nearby devices can be selected in order to establish a direct connection.

Download the NCSS Mobile App

Direct Connect Process

  • Your mobile device’s Bluetooth/BLE must be turned on and within 10 feet proximity to the Gateway.
  • Open the NCSS mobile app and select “Direct Connect” from the menu.
  • Tap the Gateway device when it appears on your screen
  • Tap the Settings icon and adjust the connection parameters as needed.