Unit Details: Programming and Edits

Roles: Technician, Billing Manager
Last Updated: Jan 2023

This article outlines programming on the Unit Details page. The Unit Details page allows changes for one unit at a time including:

  • Device serial numbers
  • Utility types
  • Leak Sensors
  • Descriptions and notes
  • Meter Types and multipliers

For viewing device and utility usage information see, How to view unit information on the Equipment page

How do I program a NextCentury device?

1. Select a unit

From the property Equipment page, find a unit and select "Program a Device"


2. Choose a utility type or Leak Sensor

Select a utility type or the Leak Sensor option.


3. Add the device serial number
Transceiver Remote Reader Leak Sensor

Enter the device serial number. If connecting to a pulse output style meter, enter an IMR (Initial Meter Read).


Programming 3rd party devices? More details...

3rd party devices can only be programmed during an initial upgrade of a 3rd party system through a file upload. If a 3rd party device has gone bad, it should be replaced with a NextCentury device.

For more info on upgrading a 3rd party site, see Easy upload for programming 3rd party properties


4. Enter meter and multiplier information

Enter the meter type and multiplier into the Meter Type Builder and select “Save”.


5. Add meter serial number and a custom ID (optional)

Enter the meter serial number and custom ID, if desired.


6. Save changes

Select “Save Unit” to save changes. Select "Cancel" to discard any changes.


How do I add additional utilities to a unit?

1. Open unit edits

Select “Edit Unit” from the Unit Details page.


2. Add a utility type

Select “+ Add a New Meter” and then select the utility type that you wish to add.


3. Program and save

Enter information for the newly added utility type. Select "Save Unit" to save the changes.


How can I add comments or a unit description?

1. Open the notes section

Select “Notes” from the Unit Details page.


2. Add a description or comment

To add a description enter a description and select "Save". To add a comment submit a comment and select the "+". Select "Close" when done.