Unit Details: Viewing Usage and Device Info

Roles: Technician, Billing Manager
Last Updated: April 2020

The Unit Details page provides detailed information regarding an individual Unit on a property.  Through the Unit Details page a user can view:

  • Usage History and Meter Readings
  • Equipment information
  • Meter Information
  • Alerts
  • Notes regarding the Unit
Navigating to the Unit Details Page
  1. Navigate to a property's Equipment Page
  2. Select a unit tile
  3. Select “View”


Meter Reading and Usage

The current meter read is displayed at the top of the page. Hover over mceclip0.png to view additional information on how the reading is calculated.

Hnet-image__4_.gifThe bottom of the page displays unit usage. A usage report can be downloaded by choosing a date range and selecting mceclip1.png.


Device and Meter Information

Device and Meter information is displayed on the right-hand side.



Unit Alerts

Expand the Alerts section to view and dismiss alerts.


Alerts are also visible on the usage report and graph section.