Direct Connect Configure RR301 Remote Reader

Roles: Technicians
Last updated: Jun 2021

This article outlines the process for configuring an RR301 Remote Reader using a DC301 Direct Connect Programmer. This allows an RR301 Remote Reader to be configured for the one or two meters that it will be reading.

To complete this process, you must have a DC301 Direct Connect programmer and the NCSS Mobile App on your mobile device. Typically, a Remote Reader is configured after installation.

For instructions on configuring the new RR4 Remote Reader see, Direct Connect Configure RR4 Remote Reader.

Configure a Remote Reader

1. Open the Direct Connect app page and connect to your DC301

Turn on your DC301 and select it from the page. The light ring on your DC301 will turn blue when it is connected and ready.


First time using the mobile app? More details...
  • Open the NextCentury NCSS Mobile App
  • Sign in (Don't know if you have an account?)
  • Select the Menu icon at the top left corner of your screen
  • Select the "Direct Connect" menu item
  • Turn on the DC301 by pressing and holding on the button for 3 seconds
  • Within 10 seconds, the DC301 will appear on the mobile app. Tap on the DC301 tile to pair (image below).


2. Swipe a magnet next to the RR301

The RR301 Remote Reader will blink red indicating a wireless message is being sent. 


3. Select the RR301 from the list 

The DC301 acts as a wireless bridge between the RR301 Remote Reader and your mobile device. The Remote Reader will appear on the Direct Connect page and can be selected. 


4. Adjust the RR301 configuration as needed and save

The RR301 Remote Reader's current configuration will open. Make any necessary adjustments and then select "Save". 


"LCD Screen Always On" vs "Tap to Display", more details...

While configuring the Remote Reader, you can select whether you want the LCD to always display the meter read, or to be "Tap to Display". 

"Tap to Display" is required for NTEP compliance when used with encoded water meters. After tapping, the meter will be polled and the very latest read will then display. If instead, the LCD was always on, then the meter is polled every 15 minutes. 

Battery life is not affected by "Tap to Display" vs. "LCD Always On". 

Setting "Rapid Check-In" mode, more details...

This only applies to the RR301-TR, and not the RR301 model. While configuring the Remote Reader, you can select "Rapid Check-In" This will prompt the Remote Reader to check in every 15 minutes for the next 4 hours. This can be useful during property installations in order to get quicker feedback, showing whether there is adequate Repeater and Gateway signal strength.   

Resetting the pulse count, more details...

The pulse count can be reset by bridging the meter 1 or meter 2 pins as described on the RR301 FAQ. Alternatively, the pulse count can be reset using the Direct Connect tool. This option can be found by tapping on the Meter 1 or Meter 2 read. The meter status will display, and a "Reset Pulse Count" option can be toggled.


5. Verify your changes on the RR301

You will be prompted to swipe the magnet next to the RR301 Remote Reader. The RR301 Remote Reader will blink green, indicating that it has applied the configuration.