RR301 Overview and Documents

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Last updated: November 2023

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There is a newer version of this product: RR4 Remote Reader Overview & Documents

The NextCentury Remote Reader is an advanced meter reading solution which provides a high visibility remote display of one or two utility meters. The Remote Reader is an NTEP certified remote display for water, electric, and gas applications.

The Remote Reader has an attractive consumer design, making it an ideal solution for apartment and remote metering. The utility and unit of measure are clearly displayed, ensuring an accurate interpretation of the read.

The Remote Reader utilizes Dual Meter+™ technology, making this single model compatible with virtually all modern encoded and pulse-output utility meters, including water, electric, gas, run-time, and thermal meter models.

*Due to updated regulations and product improvements, NextCentury Submetering Systems, LLC reserves the right to change the product specifications without notice.