How to use the Program page

Roles: Technicians
Last updated: April 2020

The Program page is a table view of all buildings, units, and equipment programmed on a Property.  The Program page features many shortcuts that enable users to quickly add or update property configuration.

NextCentury recommends using the Program page to program new properties or when making large edits.


Some of the features highlighted in this article:

  • New and improved Add and Subtract functionality
  • Adding multiple utilities to several units at a time
  • Auto-population of commonly used meters
  • Meter Type Builder
  • Sorting and hiding columns 
  • Detailed Changes view

Program a New Property

Step 1: Initiate the Programming Process

After navigating to the Program page, a read-only table will appear. Select the "Start Programming" button to enter Write Mode.


The cells will now be editable.


Step 2: Create the Building/Unit Layout

Use the toolbar at the top of the page to add new buildings and units to your property. 


The Toolbar includes the following options:

  • Add and remove buildings
  • Add and remove units
  • Add and remove utilities
  • Show/hide columns
  • Sorting options 



To add a new building, click the + next to the Building icon on the toolbar. Then enter the building name, and select the number of units for the new building. You can also enter a Building Description such as the street address for the new building. Names will auto-populate for each new unit. 



By default, the unit names will begin with "Unit 101" and will increment automatically. To turn this feature off simply uncheck the Auto Increment checkbox and fill in each unit name manually. After ensuring that the Unit labels are correct click Save.


Step 3: Add Utilities and Meters to Units

To add utilities and meters highlight the desired unit(s), select the + next to the Utility icon, then choose the utility type.



Next, enter the Serial Numbers for each unit and utility. 



Select the Meter icon in the cell to open the Meter Builder



Fill out the Meter information in the Meter Builder and then click Save.


Note: The default meter type will auto-populate for you. 


Quickly copy meter types by dragging the fill-handle in the corner of the cell. 


 Note: The meter will only copy onto units with an applicable utility type. For example, if the units have multiple utilities and alternate between All Water and Electric, a water meter can be copied down across all units and it will only apply to the All Water utility rows.

Step 4: Program Repeaters and Gateway on the Network Tab

A separate view is available to program the property's network equipment including the Gateway and Repeaters.

Select the Network tab to view and add a Gateway and Repeaters.


On this page, you will also have the option to sort your information with the Sort button. You can sort by device and description.


Step 5: Review Your Changes and Finalize

Once you have completed your programming, select the Finish Programming button. You will then be asked to review your changes.


  • Green highlights indicate newly added programming
  • Red highlights indicate deleted programming

Look over the highlighted changes to ensure that all changes are correct.


Once saved a green ribbon will appear indicating that your programming information has successfully been saved. 



Make Changes to Programming

Add or Remove Buildings

To add a building select + next to the Building icon. 



Name the building and number of units. A description can also be added.



To remove a building select - next to the Building icon. 



 Select Yes, Delete to confirm.


Add or Remove Units

To add new units to an existing building, select + next to the Unit icon.



You will see that when adding new units you will be prompted to pick the corresponding building. 



To remove units select - next to the Unit icon



Select Yes, Delete to confirm


Add Utilities to Specific Units

If you wish to add additional utilities to a specific unit(s), simply highlight the unit(s) you want and click the + next to the Utility icon.



You will see that your Program page will adjust to fit new utilities.



Edit Columns

Show or Hide Columns 

Select the Show/Hide button to choose which column(s) to show or hide.


Sort Columns

Select the Sort button to sort the Program page by the available columns.