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DC301 Direct Connect Programmer Overview and Documents

Last Updated: May 2020


Overview Specifications Documents

The DC301 Direct Connect is a powerful programmer and diagnostic tool designed for technicians installing NextCentury 301+ equipment. The DC301 is fully wireless and easily portable, allowing quick and convenient configuration.

The Direct Connect pairs with a technician’s mobile device and facilitates direct wireless communication. The NextCentury Mobile App is then used to set up meter configurations and perform advanced diagnostics.

The Direct Connect has a simple, single-button operation and a high-visibility LED light ring displays the current status. After initially pairing, a technician can simply attach the Direct Connect to their tool bag and it will continue to facilitate communication when needed. 

The internal battery powers the Direct Connect for up to 12 hours of continuous use. A power supply and USB-C cable (included) are used for quick charging (2 hour recharge time).

*Due to updated regulations and product improvements, NextCentury Submetering Systems, LLC reserves the right to change the product specifications without notice.