Meter Builder

Roles: Technician 
Last Updated: June 2020

The Meter Builder is used universally throughout the NextCentury Web Portal and Mobile App when programming meters. This feature helps organize, track, and add meters to property programming. 



Using the Meter Builder 

1. Open the Meter Builder

The Meter Builder is accessible wherever meter information is entered. Simply select the Meter Builder icon to open the Meter Builder on any of the NextCentury programming pages (Web Portal or Mobile App).


Web Portal...
Unit Details page Program page

When editing a unit from the Equipment page, select the Meter Builder icon found under the field for "Meter Type"


Mobile App...

When editing a unit from the Mobile App, select the Edit icon and then the Meter Builder icon


2. Enter meter information

Enter meter information and select one from the available choices



Entering information...

The Meter Builder consists of four fields that are required for each meter. Optionally, meter size can also be entered.

  • Meter Manufacturer: Manufacturer or brand of the meter
  • Meter Model Name: Model or type designation for the meter
  • Multiplier: Pulse value for pulse meters or decimal indicator for encoded meters
  • Unit of Measure: Unit of measure for the meter (e.g. Gallons, Liters, Cubic Feet, kWh, etc)
  • Size (optional): This is a free text field to track meter diameters
Meter not listed...

If a meter manufacturer or model is not listed, you can request one be added by NextCentury Support.

Select + Request New Model found in the upper right-hand corner of the Meter Builder



Enter meter manufacturer and model information along with any additional details for the meter and select Send



NextCentury Support will reach out once the new meter has been added or if the meter can be found listed under a different model name

3. Review and save

Review meter information and select Save



The meter will then appear correctly formated in the selected field  



You can view currently programmed meters set up on a property by navigating to the property Settings page