Alerts Overview

Roles: Admins, Technicians
Last updated: Dec 2021

NextCentury Health and Security Alerts protect your equipment and notify you when unusual activity occurs. A simple and intuitive interface allows you to easily manage and enable Alerts for individual properties or for all properties across your portfolio at once. When new Alerts are triggered, designate which users receive notifications.


What Alerts are available?
How do I enable Alerts?
How do I set up email and text notifications?
How do I view active Alerts?

What Alerts are available?

Equipment Health Alerts provide status updates for equipment such as tampering, connection issues, and power losses. 
Smart Security Alerts provide updates on irregular activities such as high utility usage or extreme temperatures.

heart.svg Equipment Health Alerts

trending-up.svg   Tamper  Detect when someone has tampered with your equipment.                 

A Tamper alert gets created when someone tampers with your device. In most cases, this happens if a device is physically opened. If a Tamper alert shows up simultaneously with abnormal consumption, it is a good indicator that someone is trying to tamper with your equipment.


trending-up_2.svg   Connection  Detect when equipment goes offline.                                                              

A Connection alert gets created when a device goes offline. NextCentury offers intelligent alerting and analytics to help identify a network problem quickly. Typically, if a device is offline, there is a good explanation somewhere else on the property. We can help point you in the right direction to quickly overcome any challenges.


trending-up_3.svg   Power Loss  Detect when your equipment is unplugged from power.                              

A Power Loss alert gets created when a device is unplugged from power. This alert applies to wall-powered equipment such as Gateways and Repeaters. Someone may have mistakenly unplugged your equipment, and it simply needs to be plugged back in.Screen_Shot_2021-12-17_at_10.25.56_AM.png

trending-up_4.svg   Battery  Detect when batteries start running low.                                                                         

A Low Battery alert gets created when a battery is getting close to the end of its life. NextCentury equipment has in-field replaceable batteries, and we offer easy-to-use battery replacement kits to make the process as simple as possible.


Shield.svg Smart Security Alerts

trending-up_5.svg   Temperature  Detect when the temperature at a meter reaches dangerous levels.                 

A Temperature alert can help you automatically detect when a water meter is close to freezing. With this alert, you can take action to avoid potential damages from a frozen water meter. An alert is also created if the temperate at a device is outside the safe operating range for NextCentury equipment.


trending-up_6.svg   Consumption  Detect unusual spikes in usage such as a running toilet.                       

NextCentury uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to find unusual patterns in utility consumption. We are proud to provide this alert as a means for detecting sudden changes in trends that may need your attention. Our hardware and cloud-based analytics work hand-in-hand to detect even the smallest trends such as a costly running toilet.



How do I enable Alerts?

Single Property All Properties
1. Open the Alerts page

From the property menu, select the Alerts page.


2. Open Settings

Select the Settings tab.


3. Enable the Alert

Toggle the Alert to enable it.



How do I set up email and text notifications?

Single Property All Properties
1. Open the Alerts page

From the property menu, select the Alerts page.


2. Open Notifications

Select the Notifications tab.


3. Add a User

Select the "+ Add New Contact" button.


Fill out the User's information and select "Save"


4. Choose which Alerts to receive

Select the User's gear icon.


Under "Advanced Settings" choose which Alerts to receive. Then select "Save".



How do I view active Alerts?

1. Open the Alerts Page

From the property menu, select the Alerts page to view all active Alerts on a property.


2. View Alerts

Select an Alert to view it on the Unit page.


The Alerts on the Unit page will be listed under the "Open Alerts" section.