How to use the NextCentury API

Roles: Admins, Developers
Last updated: Dec 2021

NextCentury offers a robust RESTful API for custom software processes. Specifically tailored for software developers, the NextCentuy API allows for secure and convenient software integration. Authorized users can feed usage data, alerts, customs reports, and more directly into an organization's billing system of their choice.

Note: Users not familiar with API concepts can still utilize the many convenient features of the NextCentury Web Portal to schedule and retrieve property reads and more, see Setting Up an FTP for Automatic Reports.

Viewing NextCentury API documentation

To view the NextCentury API documentation, sign into the NextCentury Web Portal and navigate to the API tab located under the Home menu. 


Note: API documentation is available through the NextCentury Web Portal for Admin and Developer level users. For more information on User roles, see User Account Roles. If you currently don't have a NextCentury User Account please reach out to your organization's Administrators or contact NextCentury Support.